January 12, 2018
Sabrina Starke is recording album #6
by : krugang
Sabrina Starke is recording album #6

Sabrina Starke hits the studio

Throughout the span of less than a decade, Sabrina Starke has released 5 albums and a multitude of singles. Her fifth and self-titled album was released in 2015 and marked an important point in her life, which is all about identity and redefining herself. This week Sabrina Starke announced that she is in the process of recording her sixth studio album. Together with Simon AkkermansPieter Vonk and her band she will spend the next few weeks in de studio creating memorable moments.

Her most valuable companion in this process is TRUST.  “Trust my heart, my gut and the team I’m working with”

More info soon! In the meantime you can check out her most recent songs on Spotify.

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